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Welcome to the Rapid Global Geological Events (RGGE) Project, a Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Special Topic.

The main aim of this project was to develop a high-resolution stratigraphy for the Kimmeridge Clay. We were also sponsored by the following companies, here listed under their original names (circa 1997): ARCO British, Conoco Norway, Enterprise Oil, FINA Exploration, Phillips Petroleum, Saga Petroleum, Shell UK Exploration and Production, Statoil (UK), and Texaco. This funding benefited a consortium of institutions which include the British Geological Survey, the Natural History Museum, University College, London, Leeds, Luton, Newcastle, Open, Oxford, Reading, and Southampton Universities.

This server provides data collected by these various research groups, much of which is now available for download by project participants and general users alike.

Users no longer require a login to view the data.

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Last updated: Saturday 25th July 2015

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